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My name is Jeremiah Ogonda Asaka. I am an Assistant Professor of Security Studies at Sam Houston State University. Previously, I worked as a Lecturer in Global Studies at Middle Tennessee State University between fall 2017 and spring 2019.


Dr. Asaka at the Malcolm X Lounge, Wheatley Hall, University of Massachusetts BostonĀ 

While cognizant of the prevailing multiple perspectives on security, I approach the study of security from a human security perspective. What that means is that I consider people – individual and/or community – to be the referent object of security (analysis).

I have primary research interest in the environment-security nexus. Specifically, my work focuses on the triad of climate, resources and security. I am also interested in understanding governance particularly natural resource governance and how it relates to security and peacebuilding.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, my research cuts across multiple fields of study including security studies, environmental studies, political science, and international relations/global governance, gender studies, development studies, and geography.

In this website you will find information about my research and publications, teaching and media interviews. You will also be able to have access to my periodic blog posts on current affairs.

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Email: asakajo@gmail.com

Twitter: @AsakaJ

LinkedIn: Jeremiah Asaka

Research Gate: Jeremiah Asaka