Introducing An Interdisciplinarian’s Perspective

In this inaugural piece, although already articulated in the About section of the An Interdisciplinarian’s Perspective website, it is important to reiterate the essence of this online platform. This online platform is a personal initiative dedicated to presenting cutting-edge analysis and up-to-date information and knowledge on such areas as Governance, Environment and Human Security. It is both local and global in focus, but with a heavy inclination towards the Sub-Saharan Africa context.

It is envisioned that the blog component of this initiative will run on a regular biweekly publication schedule. But in the meantime, an irregular publication schedule has been adopted until such a time that regularity becomes achievable and sustainable.

Additionally, it is hoped that with time and as this initiative grows, a door will be opened to interested guest contributors on topical issues of both local and global significance in the realms of Governance, Environment and Human Security.

That said, it is now a pleasure to welcome you aboard this noble initiative and hope for meaningful and impactful engagements moving forward.

Finally, below is a short video recording of the Editor-in-chief at the 2015 National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) Conference that took place in January in Washington DC.


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