Editor-in-chief’s Article Published in The Round Table

An Interdisciplinarian’s Perspective Editor-in-chief’s latest scholarly work has been published in The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs. The work is a review of a 2015 edited volume by Prof. John Lonsdale entitled Colonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change. The book is originally authored by the late S. H. Fazan – a former British colonial administrator – who provides candid account of governance in Colonial Kenya from an insider’s perspective. Prof. John Lonsdale does the book, and the reader, justice by providing an elaborate foreword and thorough edits throughout the invaluable volume.

While colonialism proper ended over half a century ago in many African countries and elsewhere around the globe, its impacts remain very much alive today. Therefore, it is commendable that Prof. Lonsdale took up the noble yet daunting task of putting the volume together to among other things set the record straight and reconnect us with the past so as to understand how it informs the present.

Just to put things into perspective a bit, The Round Table is Britain’s oldest Journal of International Affairs. Read the Editor-in-chief’s published article here.

Below is a Getty Images photo depicting ‘KENYA – JANUARY 01: An American colonial counter of ivory in one of the main streets of Kenya’s port city Mombasa, around 1900. Kenyans load a cart with elephant tusks which will go to Europe or the United States by boat. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images).’

Embed from Getty Images

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