A brief note with a special personal request for you all on this Father’s day. Please read…

I am a father and guardian. So, I know a thing or two about fatherhood and parenting.

But I also have a father – Asaka Snr – whom I hold so dear and regard very highly. Those who know me well can attest to this.

Snr has been ailing for quite sometime now. As result, he has been in and out of hospital for over a decade thanks to his surviving doctor (he has since outlived the doctor with whom he started this journey), nurses, and ultimately God. The last time he was discharged from hospital following several days of inpatient care was about three weeks ago.

Tonight(KE)/today(US), he starts another inpatient care journey.

But this time, things are different because my mum – his lead outpatient caregiver – is also unwell and in mourning. She lost her mum (my grandmother) a few days ago. Her father (my grandfather) is also currently ailing. Two of her surving sisters (my aunts) are also currently sick. As if that’s not enough, a husband to one of the two sick sisters (i.e., my uncle) is also currently down with sickness.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know the power of positive energy. Thus, I humbly request that you telepathically send some positive energy their way, however little. Thank you.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone of you observing this significant day dedicated to all fathers around the world.

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