Human Security and Sustainable Development in East Africa is now available for pre-order via the link below.

There’s so much to be grateful for and so many people/institutions to thank. But I’ll mention just a few here. I’m grateful to my co-editor Dr. Alice Oluoko-Odingo of the University of Nairobi, all the chapter contributors, Routledge editors, Dr. Cyril Obi and the three anonymous reviewers.

I’m also grateful to Prof. Tim Shaw – my ever supportive Ph.D. advisor – who among other things graciously wrote the foreword. If you are a current Ph.D. student or considering doing a Ph.D., I wish you a Tim Shaw for an advisor.

And then, there’s Prof. Stacy VanDeveer who came to me at the tail end of my Ph.D. student life like an angel sent from heaven & has remained so ever since. Words fail me, but just know that I genuinely appreciate the mentorship and will continue paying forward in my own small way.

Last but not least, I’m exceedingly grateful to Dr. Florian Krampe of SIPRI, Prof. Shadrack Nasongo of Rhodes College and Prof. Denis A. Degterev of RUDN University for graciously providing expert reviews of the book.

One fun fact about the book: The book’s cover design was chosen by my daughter who is currently in pre-K. This book is dedicated to her.

I hope you enjoy reading the book and find it resourceful. Thank you for the support.

#SDGs #ClimateSecurity #ClimateChange #IDPs #Refugees #Aflatoxins #Migration #Peacebuilding #COVID19 #GlobalGovernance #Geopolitics #Africa #US #China

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